Boost your FIX capabilities.

Providing a FIX solution, not just a FIX engine.


  1. All FIX Versions and asset classes supported.
  2. Flexible API integrations: Have an existing OMS? Simply use our FTP, Web API, or direct FIX integration.
  3. Managed FIX sessions allow you to focus on trading, while we handle connectivity.
  4. Reduce trading errors by electronically capture trades and allcoation information from multiple sources.
  5. Scheduled sessions, email alerts, detailed logging.
Product Details

FIXServer enables investment managers to trade with brokers, exchanges, execution management systems, dark pools, and trading portals. Have an existing Order Management System? Need a cost effective solution to managing multiple trade platforms? FIXServer is a powerful solution that processes trade and allocation information across all asset classes including Equity, Options, Futures, Foreign Exchange, Debt, and OTC Derivatives (CDS/IRS). Using the FIX Protocol in combination with FpML for derivatives, FIXServer ensures integration compatibility.

Our clients gain significant benefits by reducing costly and error prone re-keying of trade activity across multiple platforms. By automating record keeping tasks, traders are free to focus on their trades and the market and not on data entry. Traders require the freedom to add/switch trading tools to change with market needs, which has lead to an increase of the number of desktop applications. GTTFIXServer allows a plug-n-play environment for these tools, consolidating multiple platforms into a single manageable experience.

FIXServer plugs into your trading environment. From Excel spreadsheets to legacy trading systems, adding FIX capabilities is easy with FIXServer.