News Timeline

  • FIXSIM: Release of direct Web API for FIXSIM

    FIXSIM: One of the most requested features is now available to users of FIXSIM on the professional plan or higher. Our new Web API allows developers direct access to control FIXSIM sessions without the need for the UI.

    Configure sessions, send messages, retreive logs all from a simple JSON based API! No need to manually use the web application, you can now automate your testing directly from your application.

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  • FIXSIM: Release of Rule Builder!

    FIXSIM: For clients on our standard plan or higher, FIXSIM now provides a powerful Rule Builder that allows users to define how FIXSIM should react when receiving a message. For example, you can easily have FIXSIM reject all incoming New Order Single (MsgType: D) with the Symbol (55) = 'IBM'. You can also combine actions to have more complex responses such as: Acknowledge, wait 5 seconds, partial fill, wait 7 seconds, and cancel remaining qty.

    By adding user defined rule builder, FIXSIM extends it ability to provide powerful regression testing with complex responses. Contact us for more info and a live demo!

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  • TradeState Supports BlotterSync Integration

    TRADESTATE: Gamma Three's web based order management system implements Linedata Services Blotter Sync integration technology. Blotter Sync publishes the content of the LongView OMS blotter to the TradeState Blotter, keeping the 2 blotter in sync. Whether you are looking to test blotter sync integrations or looking to trade, TradeState supports the integration technology.

  • FIXSIM adds Web Interface Control Panel

    FIXSIM the hosted FIX Protocol Simulator, announces the release of a new web client. Along with our popular windows desktop client, you can now access your FIXSIM account settings, sessions, and actions using our new web portal. Our mobile friendly designed site has the same features as our desktop client but in a device independent web application.

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  • adds FIX tag reference tools

    FIXViewer the free FIX parser and log reading site is now updated with fast tag lookup and reference values. Complimenting the FIX Protocol's own Fiximate, FIXVIEWER adds a quick tag or value look up for FIX tag values. In addition to the online message / log parser, we also offer a complimentary download of our .NET Desktop application to quickly parse/view FIX message logs.

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  • Gamma Three Trading Launches OMS

    Gamma Three Trading launches TradeState, a powerful web based Trade and Trade Capture Management System. Simplifying the task of uniting trading systems, TradeState connects to multiple trading venues using Gamma Three's FIX Server. Whether you need a system to initiate trading, or capture and allocate post-trade, TradeState is flexible to meet your needs. Through a secure login, access your trading blotter, allocation tools, and FIX trading destination from the convience of any device: destkop, tablet, or phone.

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  • MuniAxis selects Gamma Three Trading's FIX Server

    MuniAxis, a municipal bond auction platform, adopts Gamma Three Trading's FIX Server for electronic integration. MuniAxis, a leader in the municipal bond trading marketplace, quickly added advanced FIX support using the products and services of Gamma Three Trading.

    Trades processed through the MuniAxis platform will have full FIX support and reporting, allowing for real-time and accurate communication of trade details and audit trails. MuniAxis and Gamma Three plan on extending FIX access to more workflows as the products continue to evolve.

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  • Gamma Three's FIX Server Client Base Continues to Expand

    Gamma Three Trading's FIX Server continues it's successful adoption rate, and is currently in production at dozens of investment firms and hedge funds connecting traders to hundreds of destinations. Clients are using the FIX Server to trade multiple asset clases, as well as allocate and provide post trade processing.

    With each implementation of FIX Server, clients receive complimentary acces to our FIXSIM hosted FIX protocol testing tool, allowing rapid testing and validation for their trading environment. Whether you are a small shop new to electronic trading or a large institutional firm, we have experience delivering the right implementation for you.

  • Free site for FIX protocol log parsing

    Gamma Three Trading launches, a free FIX protocol parser and analyzer. Developed during the implementation of our product, FIXViewer allows users to see FIX messages in human readable format, including the translation of tag number and enumerated values to English.

    There are 2 ways to use FIXViewer:

    • Website 
      • Paste raw text:  Use your mouse and keyboard to paste FIX message(s) copied from your machine.
      • Drag n Drop file:  Drag a text file containing FIX Messages
      • Upload a File:  Use the file upload dialog to select a local file to upload.
    • Windows Desktop Application  (download from 
      • Our downloadable Windows .NET WPF Application allows a locally installed client application that also supports cut/paste, drag and drop, and file uploads.
      • Application stays up to date using ClickOnce technology.  As new updates are released, your client stays up to date.
      • Accessing QuickFIX ODBC log sources

  • Gamma Three Trading's FIXHub in Production

    Gamma Three Trading's FIXHub goes live at a large Asset Manager in Boston, MA with over $200 Billion Assets Under Management. FIXHub provides seamless integration of Order Management Systems by connecting each OMS via the FIX Protocol, allowing orders, executions, allocations, etc. to flow between them.

    A common reality on trading desks is that different OMS platforms work better for different asset classes, and traders prefer one platform over another. Some desks focus on equities, others on foreign currency and bonds, while another uses a different system to manage OTC derivatives. By using FIXHub, trades and trade details can be passed between these systems, allowing execution to occur on any platform.

    This ability greatly reduces the costs and aggravation of platform consolidation and lost features by choosing a common denominator. By using FIXHub, the initial client has combined desks using different OMSs (and even 2 instances of the same OMS) into one unified platform using FIXHub.

  • Gamma Three Trading Launches

    Gamma Three Trading launches, a powerful hosted FIX simulator and testing tool. Easily reached through the Internet, allows users to initiate or connect a FIX session for trade simulation. Supporting all versions of FIX, handles all asset classes.

    With a full featured Control Panel, users can modify and control how the FIX session process orders, executions, and session level messaging. Have concerns about your system handling high volumes of messsages? can produce high traffic simulation to test your systems ability to keep up with orders and fills.

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  • Gregg Drumma Co-Authors article - FPL: Supporting the Needs of Global Cross Asset Trading

    Read published article in official FIX Protocol: Global Trading

    Visit FPL: Supporting the Needs of Global Cross Asset Trading for more information.

  • Gregg Drumma Elected as FPL Global Asset Committee co-chair

    The FPL Global Cross Asset Committee (GCAC) mission is to coordinate the efforts of the Derivatives, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Committees and identify the common initiatives in pre-trade, trade, and post-trade. Market consolidation, regulatory changes, and portfolio diversification increases the need for a comprehensive view. GCAC provides its findings to the Global Steering Committee (GSC) for consideration in specifications, best-practices, and educational and promotional efforts.

    Gregg is applying his years of designing, building, and implementing mutlti-asset electronic trading systems to help further promote the global adoption of the FIX protocol.